What is Litigation Support?

“Litigation Support” aid Plaintiff(s) or Defendant(s) in the matter of the pending, existing and/or future Litigation(s). It deals mainly with the subjects associated to quantification of economic damage.

Our Service towards Our Clients

We, at SPACEXGLOBAL CORP. care for Plaintiff(s), or Defendant(s) in Lawsuits that includes latest or historic property damage, radioactivity exposure, environmental pollution and bond dispute(s). Our main criterion is to acknowledge cases based upon the validity of the practical argument(s).

Our Litigation Support team makes sure that our client(s) are well advised and supported before the Hon’ble Ld. Court, are assisted in understanding the accusation, Laws, deep understanding of her/his current situation and assistance in developing the best consistent with the principles of good science.

We also leverage our status and may utilize extensive network channels of technical contacts to recognize and coordinate the assistance of nationally claimed specialists in fields of engineering, medicine, chemistry, hydrogeology, risk analysis and other ground(s) as and when required.

Our Exceptionally Talented Legal Expertise

  • Radiation doses, sources, risks and revelation
  • Radiation protection norms, laws and standards are strictly maintained by our legal professionals
  • Does rebuilding
  • Developing Professional Service Agreement(PSA)
  • Peril communication
  • Professional testimony, declarations, and response to a query

SPACEXGLOBAL CORP. experts always support their clients to
overcome legal difficulties.