An environment is the inimitable creation of mother nature.
Our Expert build a shield to safeguard you from contamination.

What is Land Remediation?

Taking care of our environment today is the sustainable act for the generations of tomorrow. Land remediation service deals with an exclusive process of removing contaminant materials or particles from surface water, terrestrial, and sediments. This technique is performed for keeping the atmosphere pollution and radiation safe.

The solemn criterion of our land remediation service in India is to protect all living beings and the mother nature from the damaging effects of land radiation.

Main Causes of Land Contamination

  • Deforestation
  • Mining & mineral’s extraction
  • Natural source (Cosmic rays and UV rays)
  • Urbanization
  • Man made radiation (Gamma & X-rays)
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial or Nuclear waste products

Objectives of Our Land Remediation Service in India

We are The Change You Wish to see In the Environment

It is our priority, whether public or private to provide full-fledged safety and security to the employees at the workplace. The employees working in the field of radiation exposure, during or after the remediation of contamination, the risk of health hazards is comparatively high. They are easily prone to life taking diseases like cancertumorsposterior subcapsular cataractshampers reproductive systempermanent hormonal disbalance and others.

At SPACEXGLOBAL CORP., our expertise performs their crucial responsibilities as per AERB/BARC norms. Our well- certified and years experienced engineers, geologists and technician team serves you cost-effective services in India.

The prime motto of our exclusive environmental or land remediation service in India is to minimize and detect the malicious source of ionizing radiation.

We are skilled at!

  • Land inspection and detection for ionizing radiation
  • Provide occupational safety to the employees
  • Land evaluation and survey
  • Waste management

Why sky is our limit?

  • We have emmerged successfully as the global leader in the industry of radiation protection. We serve our clients across the sea, via UK, USA, and Switzerland
  • Technologically advanced devices and instruments are used
  • AERB certified RSOs and highly qualified engineers, technicians & professionals
  • An accredited Organization
  • Always a step ahead to save environment from radiation & waste hazards
  • Saves the client from legal troubles, related to environmental safety and security
  • Assist in upholding the smooth run of ecological as well marine balance
  • Detect and reduces the negative impact of radioactive materials
  • Protect you and your beloved ones from the threat of cancer and other diseases