How We Work?

We are a team of certified professionals with proven expertise and skilful approach. Our commitment is to render quality service and we ensure your safety from ionizing effects of radiation.


Official visit & Radiation Survey:

Firstly, our competent radiation safety officers visit the entire site for a detailed survey. We use “survey meters” exclusively designed to measure the intensity of the radiation source. Our findings are thus accurate and fully reliable.


Inspection Report:

The official inspection is followed by subsequent verification of the radioactive particles and detailed report generation from our side. This report includes a detailed analysis of the emission, for e.g., parent source (radioactive isotope) and nature of substances being emitted by the source. Broadly, radiation is classified as either Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) or as Technically Enhanced NORM.


Radiation Protection and Safety Solution:

The term “SPACEXGLOBAL CORP.” in Portuguese means encased in or wrapped in. We shield you and your loved ones from hazardous radiation. Our integrated approach to radiation protection and safety makes us a trustworthy name in the service domain. Our specialists will explain all aspects of radiation in details and will chalk out guidelines and all possible solutions. To be precise, our experts will help you to put a check on environment pollution.


Post Inspection Review:

The next step is the successful installation of radiation safety instruments as per your requirement. Our devices and modus-operandi perfectly comply with the AERB radiation safety norms. In addition, our trained professionals perform a leak test to further endorse the effectiveness of the overall process. We provide an exclusive report to rule out all possibilities of any mishap.


Our Facilities:

Regular maintenance is the key to excellent performance. Our low cost maintenance services set us ahead of the race. Our equipment and instruments are quite easy to maintain and affordable. Still not sure? Please feel free to connect and let us help you with more details.


We follow a five-fold path to secure you from radiation risks:-

• Detection of the source of radiation
• Identification of the nature of radiation
• Calculation of the quantum for radiation
• Protection from radiation & allied services
• Maintenance of radiation within the permissible limits